How it Works

Before placing an order with us, it is important to have an idea of the factors that play a part in the overall cost of the custom essay. These factors are standard but go a long way in determining the amount that you will be charged and they include one’s academic level, delivery time, type of paper and if the paper is to be edited or written from scratch. The steps involved in placing an order for custom writing are quite simple and they involve:

Our Writers

The greatest thing about our service is that most of our writers have industry experience. We do not hire people who are fresh from university or people who have been unemployed since leaving university. We employ people who have gained their degree(s) and have used it to carve out a career. The fact that our writers have industry experience is the reason why our essays have such an edge to them. They have an edge that no other students are able to produce, which is why our essays score so well. To the professor it simply appears that you have a deep understanding of the topic, whereas you know it is because you hired one of our writers.

This is one of the biggest selling points about our service. Our writers are not just rewriting text books or coming at your essay with limited text book experience. Our writers have a deep understanding of the subject and fully understand the concepts within. They are not rewording, rewriting or even spinning content.

We have a large team and we have been working together for quite a few years. We have tried various projects working for the business world but soon found out that it is students who really need our help, which is why we offer our services here.